between you, me, and her

She’s inside us.

But I know, I know.

I try to understand, she is my best friend.

No one knows.

She’s lying next to me.

But, never mind. I try to forgive her.

Now, she loves you.

She is yours. I’m not.

Other blame her, it’s your turn to save her.

Promise me..??

U did. But, I feel hurt.

I have to let her happy with you.

Yes, I have to do it.

She and you are my friends.

I will continue my life, I will happy for you.

It’s simple but hard.

And with him, I will pass it.

Believe me.


3 Replies to “between you, me, and her”

  1. i knew i hurted u,
    i knew i’ve lying next t0 u….

    But once a9ain i say,
    s0rry my dear friend…
    I l0ve him,
    and s0 him are…

    I’ve bein9 selfish….

    I kn0w u will get better than him n d best 4 u…

    And 0ne thing that u have t0 kn0w….
    I still want t0 be ur sister and friend 4ever….


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