See, You Won’t Win Over Me!

May, what a hard month, what a hard time, leave me behind the sores and pains. I set face against what happen in this month. All the rains or shines visit upon me and I can’t do nothing except kicking about.

Yes, I am weak.

No. I. Am. Not. Weak. Again. I AM NOT WEAK.

I am strong. I am tough. And, I can pass it through. That’s what my mom calls a life lesson and all I have to do is prepare my life schoolbook then I can write down all the lessons I’ve learned.

I believe the hard times will pass.

I just need to be patient until the sun rises up. Patient.

P. A. T. I. E. N. T.

That was so damn hard to do but what choice do I have? Nothing but that.

Sometimes, giving up gives me a time. A nap. Promise me a beautiful dream. A limbo. So, I will live happily ever after in my limbo with no pains and sores. That was a great idea. But fighting gives me more. More strength to face other ordeals. She always reminds me about how beautiful real life is than your only dream. She teaches me how to be a great girl. Great woman. She makes me awake of being fragile, weak, crybaby, and susceptible person.

No. I have to fight for my self. For all great person in my life.

Life wouldn’t be easy. Life would be hard. Life is about hope. Life is about trust. 
And, life is about live our life.

May, I won’t blame you for what happened in my recent days. No. I won’t. Precisely, thanks a bunch for what you done to me. It just being my hard month ever. Why not March or June or December or whatever. Your fault is only because you are named May. No. No. Sorry, whatever it named, I won’t blame you. I don’t have any felon in this case. Hahaha.

At the heart of the matter, I will face it through even if I am alone but the brass tack is I am absolutely definitely certainly and even arithmetically not alone.

I have great person in my life and I am so proud of having them.

So, don’t ever try to brought me down into the dust! Because you won’t.

You won’t win over me, dude.

LINE IT, May!!!


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