My June 3rd, 2012

Today was so damn tired. I just don’t know how to start what I want to share. These last two hours were the hard times where I put a great deal of emotions to end it. From this morning until the dark sky night comes, my eyes never show happiness. It’s like I am giving up slowly. But, I realize I have to stay in my way. I have to head up. I have to be strong. It is me.

Okay, let me share what’re the lessons I got today.

  • When I finally have something I really want, then I have to realize and prepare my self to lose it. Cos, I am quiet sure that later I’ll feel getting left of it.
  • Some people just see what they want to see, listen what they want to listen, and speak what they want to speak without watch what is happen around them.
  • Some people feel that they are the only right men. They blow own horn easily and become suddenly blind for others’ achievements. They can talk about themselves for hours and in the same time, close their ears when someone else speaks.
  • Some people want to look so damn mature, so damn smart, and so damn gorgeous by tweeting wise life quotes. But unfortunately, they just retweeting from the others’ tweets. And sadly, I know that. And badly sadly and poorly, they are still a bit thick.
  • The last, just because I am silent it doesn’t mean that I agree with your words. I am silent because I think it is useless when I respond and it obviously tiring.

So, what else? I know those are usual life lessons but I just try to make it beneficent by everyone who read this post. 🙂

Stay positive!

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