Mengerti namun tidak bisa menerima.
Tidak mengerti tentu tidak bisa menerima.
Bukan tidak mengerti, tapi tidak mengerti.
Mengerti, menerima.
Tidak ada.

It’s just another pain you put. And like usual, it’s me let well enough alone. I don’t blame you because that way you and I only try my best to understand.

Embittering just becomes our way to face this through and somehow, you feel its okay and absolutely you just enjoy it.

On the other side, I learn much.

You don’t know how deep you strike fire into heart. You don’t know and you don’t want to know. You deafened your ears on me. You make light of me, my things, and my virtues.

I don’t even know why you turn to be like this. Your reason sounds very trite and I don’t think that was a reason from you. But, I don’t have any strength anymore. I placidly wait for a change. For us, if you deign.

A panhandle.

I come upon the town. I come upon the parish. For a kindness. For a goodness.


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