“You are changed.”

Those words I hear from you. Real. I am not fake. I try to make you understand from many times before this we meet. But, unfortunately you can’t understand all my meaning senses. Never until now. How poor I am.

Actually, I am not. People never change. People grow up and just adapt with the conditions they face. So do I. And that is a different way. I adapt not I change. You don’t get it. You classically think that I change. No. Just don’t be a naïve man.

I am going to tell you something important. Please listen it carefully because I am not going to repeat it again. That…

You will find someone better.

She’ll understand you just the way you are. Not a mischaracterized. Beautiful from heart and soul.

You carp me at. You blame me out. And, you just don’t like the way I treat you when I think I do my best on you. When later you realize the mean of our years, you will see that I am not woman you looking for. I am just another misery you will miss and smile when you remember me in the future. I promise.

Someday, when you are happily ever after with your princess, never think that I will not happy. I am pursuing my own happiness. And finally, you will see that our happiness are different and let me be, so you do.

I don’t know if I can make you understand this time even I hope it will. But, never mind someday you will, I believe. For now, let it be like this. A friend. An old friend. We are. If you don’t mind of course. Or just leave.

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