Every one loves moments in their life. So do I.

I always love twilight. For me, a twilight is the best thing among the time. I don’t know. I always love the smell, the light, and the milieu. I just love it most. Wherever I am, I always try to feel the twilight. More than the dawn, I prefer a twilight.

Twilight gives me a peace, a smile, a tear, and a silence.

A me.

Twilight always bring me a feeling that I can’t explain. I love to enjoy a twilight. Every twilight. Just twilight.

I ask a beautiful twilight so I can wrap all the scars in a single thing. Something I won’t throw away but I put it someplace safe that I myself don’t know where it is.

And the twilight will be the moment I close my head from scars of the past. I will chasing my future. My future twilight, and it may be you!





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