This pouring rain reminds me a memory.

About warmth. About honest. About you.

Some pieces of this thing leads me to situation that brought us know each other.

Some days that never be forgotten and perhaps will be regretted.

With a thousand of words you’ve never understand.

Not because you don’t want to, it’s only because you can’t.

That may be so.

We are born to meet, but we are born to separate after we meet.

Even with a wrench way.

But, we just have to make it.

Nothing would change it, oh, I forgot.

Something that can change it only a thing, that neither I nor you, can change.

Fortunately, we aware of that fact.

A fact that leads us to stay away each other and efface all the senses we’ve ever had.

I know.

I don’t have any right to yammer.

To repine.

Yes, I didn’t do that.

I just think perhaps someday you will change it for me.

But, I know it will be late when you decide it.

Because I can’t wait for you too long…

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