Smart. Classy. Sexy.

Smart kind of people is classy sexy for me. And, I always love talking with them. You can talk about history to fashion, geography to games, movie to religion, cuisine to politics, business to lifestyle, and many more without feel bored. This kind of people will pronounce perfectly some brands they never been wear and in the same time can mention you some recommended classic books or movies. They live in past, now, and future. Isn’t fun having long talk with those people? Yes. Fortunately, I have some friends in this kind. I always find that it is so interesting walking with them, they have their own style with no intention to be so-up-to-date but still perform classiness.

I still can remember a random quote: outer beauty of a woman makes man sees, but inner beauty makes man stays. This inner beauty can be shown as a smart girl. You will commonly experience that there is a smart girl in front of you but sometime talk to her makes you feel bored. If we talk about smartness of a person, then I have my own description. Smart is classy. I always love this kind of classy. Same as what I expect for my future man. LOL. He has to be smart so then I can talk many things with him every single day. Really I can’t stand thinking I will live my life with someone who doesn’t have various topics to talk with.

Classy. Smart.

Those words have a strong connection. I can say that smart people will come up with a class. Then classy people will also come up with smartness. Both these words are related with sexy. So, decide now!


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