Men are not from Mars and Women are not from Venus

One thing I know about men is that they oftentimes think like this “I show you mine, you show me yours” about how they might understand women. Unfortunately, that ain’t how we, women, think. Thus, the next thing men think is “I already show you mine, why and where you hide yours?”. See, the connection is lost somewhere. How could we find the linkage? Well, learn to communicate with a good manners, man.

Based on how women want to be treated well, actually we already prepare ourselves. Not to being just an object but also a subject, as you may spell it -a player-. Then from now on, men should put us in the same level as where they are if they want us getting into a relationship, a serious type. Some men perhaps ever think that they already have spent their time trying to understand women. But, hey maann, we are coming from the same planet as you, Earth. This is your starting point.

Well, let me show you some stuff first.

Okay, know this: women and men are biologically different. We are good at remembering details. It is because women have sense of vision and smell slighter than men, this is what research said. So, don’t be suprised when a woman still can remember what colour of his man’s shirt on last Friday. And, man? Do you still remember where you put your pen in your office desk? Well, see the difference. Uhmm, one more thing. Women get their monthly menstruation, the thing that men exactly don’t have. See how biology explains us: this menstrual cycles sometimes give us what we call a pre-menstruation syndromes. How a mood change, physical pain, nausea, heightened emotional sensitivity, lethargy, and hormone fluctuations can affect our days. Well, some of us experience no pain at all but some of us are bed-resting. Note: do not underestimate this physical pain!

Since most of women are competitive, we still want to be appreciated as different personality each other. Overgeneralizing will make us think that men are disrespectful. So, don’t blame us when we are overgeneralizing men.

Most of us, tend to talk or share what we’ve been thru today even the extrovert type one. Don’t you ever consider that we oftentimes call our friends in midnight just to retalk again about today? It satisfies us, actually. Yet, again… not all women do this.

Well, if a woman already attached to a man. She perhaps gives a glance to a ‘clingy’ guy, but it’s only until there. Same as “what happen in here, stays here” style. We will stay beside men who fight for us, our relationships. When you attached us, you have a chance to see what we can give. Hmmm. We know that every men have their own past and exes and stories. So do we. Sometime, we are curious about that but in behind, well so hard to admit, we just like: are you talking about your ex now? Comparing me with her? Some of us maybe can accept it but the rest will set that conversation into a debate that you, man, will pay for it. So, choose!

Clear enough? :p


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