Tonight I’ll post something about ‘cheating’. Well, not as you imagine in your elementary school when you are confused about your test and you turn your head to the left seeing your friend’s answer. Not. But, this is about something I always say a no for it.

Talking about love life is always be a complicated and I truly believe that no one in this planet has ever experienced the same, I mean the exactly same, problem. Especially in love matter. Fiuuhh, to be frank, I don’t really like to mention this word. Yes. Love. It is so not me. LOL. Ignore it!

Back to where I begin, cheating. This term will be considered in the different meaning of each person when you talk about it. So, before I get into the main ideas, let me give an illustration. Nowadays, I see a funny yet strange type of a relationship. A girl would say this to her boy: you can touch me, but not my phone. So does a boy to his girl. I don’t think that he hides some nudes pictures of him in that phone thus he will not allow his girl touching his phone, I believe that something ‘wrong’ does already exist there. Okay, sounds like I am so cynical. But hey, are you with me? I can say this is the root of an evil, right? Evil of cheating. Hohoho..

Hiding something from your partner will be a beginning of a cheating. Because let her know will not allow a boy to cheat of course. I mean, hey, does anyone want to be a second or being cheated? Someone with a yes is a stupid one. Sorry, but it is my thought girl. Well, girls are always, okay not always but most of, become the victim and unfortunately in the opposite side become the ‘affair’ itself.

A kind of cheating, two girls with a boy, is like a dead triangle.

First role as a cheat victim (did I spell it correctly?)

I have a happy love life with my boy. He is so loveable. We have been thru many things and here we are. But, all of sudden, he becomes weird lately. I don’t get his text in the morning, his call before I sleep, or even his time when I want to share something in my day. Perhaps, he is getting busy with his work. Yet, deep down inside my heart I know he’s changing. And this changing is not good. His time is not for me or work, I feel someone stole his time. A girl.

Second role as an affair girl

I know he already has a girl but he keeps saying that he no longer loves her. That is proven when every single time I get his text seems like he has nothing to do in his office. I never see him updating something in his social networks about his girl or even a new pictures of them. Meanwhile, his girl always shows how bad she feel that her boy seems to be changed. You know, I don’t feel bad for it. I just feel that I already have my crown. A queen. A conquerer. You will say that I am so evil. Please, world is so cruel. Hang on if you still want to live. Her boy chooses me, it shows that I have something she doesn’t. So? It is my mistake being that? Oh please, just don’t be so naive!

Well, that illustration is only mine. Too much? Perhaps. Too general? Maybe. But let me explain something strange. Let’s start with the innocent girl that get cheated! She already has her own choices: take it or leave it. If you ask me, then I will loudly say leave it. Everyone deserves happiness. I don’t see any happiness in ‘cheating’. Being single is much better that being cheated. Wake up!

For the evil girl, well calling her an evil also makes me feel I’m an evil too. But it’s okay then. LOL. Let’s back! When a boy choose her instead of fixing his relationship with his girl, I am afraid that in the future he will do the same thing in this evil girl. Okay, before you get confused, say this: today he cheats his girl, then tomorrow no doubt he will cheat the evil girl as what he’s done with his previous girl. Sorry if it’s too complicated, I am too excited. LOL. Just figure it out!

I still have so many thing to say, yet I have something more important to do. So, see ya next time. Oh, I almost forget, this is the perfect quote of the day:

“if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” –Johnny Deep, actor

Have a nice night!


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