Hello, Stranger!

Dear Stranger,

Less than 100 days ago, we first had our talk. Yes. Talk. Our first talk was about me asking for this scholarship stuff and it held only for a few hours. It is always me starting our conversation. Asking this, asking that. I knew you thought that I was so annoying. LOL.

Yet, it changed slowly. From me asking, it is now you asking me. Question by question, I find myself enjoying ours. Until that night, you told me something that finally change this conversation into something more than that. Your confession. Uh oh. I’ve promised I won’t let anybody know.

Addicted? Perhaps. All of sudden, it comes to something weird. LOL. We both know this exactly. The thing is, I love this. I mean, yeah, I love it. Words by words, connected only by poor signal and a phone. I feel it weird tho, so not me. Friends told me so. Even myself told me. Am I a fool? No. Losing my mind? I don’t know either. This attraction led me to something beyond my imagination that ended up with our ‘weird’ –I don’t know what to call it–.

You shared me about how was your day, your babbles, and your complains about almost everything. Once you made me mad at something but it is not like what you thought. It was only 5 minutes mad and you thought I was mad all night, then you sent me this picture. It forced me smiling in the morning and already made my day. Have I told you this? I hope so. Okay, last night also you messed me up. It needs seconds for me taking this. Fiuh. You have to thank my sleep, sleeping gets me better in the morning. Hmmm.

Yet, it is about your day. A day will become a history, that couldn’t be repeated even for a milisecond. So, I think it is so not good ruining your day. Take a deep breath! Exhale, inhale! Really, you’ve created a roller coaster.

It wasn’t about us, it was about you. Somehow, you’ve set me up in your game. Yes. Life is a game and now I am playing my biggest game on you. Playing role that never fit into a fixed scenario that I’ve never read before.

I couldn’t see how its going already. You came, or perhaps I found you, I don’t even care. Having a chance to finally know you is something that I should grateful for it? Trusting you is my choice, breaking it is yours. I forget whose quote is that. LOL.

Well, happy birthday dear stranger!

Wishing you best years ahead. Live your life happily! And, keep rockin’!

See ya very soon..




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