Dear Me,

Dear Me,

Happy birthday to you! How’s life there? Tough? Well, here I am: the much older version of you. Psst, I survived tho.

Hey, I know you worry about many things that surround you very tight everyday, every night, well every time. Those are about your friends, your face, your weight, your shoes, your look, your grades, your love life, and many others that finally make you feel you are not fit in everywhere with everyone. You want make people like you then you start to change your things. Changing those things, finally, changes the real you.

You know what? You have something that makes you special: you are you. No one could be like you the way you do. You have many qualities that nobody on this earth could have. Trust me! Don’t push yourself so hard to be everyone’s person. Stop changing yourself. Stop worrying something that you should let it go. Stop trying so hard!

Be what you want to be. Make yourself comfortable with you. Be happy then finally you will find yourself spreading happiness all around. People will like you the way you do. Stay who you are. People who make you down are people who don’t deserve your efforts. Never second guessing yourself even in a millisecond. You are you. Stop finding yourself, start creating yours. Because we don’t find us, we create us.

You can do whatever you want to do. You can achieve everything you dream of. You can meet someone who you wish for. Don’t be afraid being wrong! Don’t be afraid being judged! Because nobody could stop you for being happy with yourself. In the future, you will meet the better version of you that you wouldn’t know it existed. So, don’t worry too much about how do you look like or who your friend will be! Be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Being nice and let the God do the rest for you.

PS. Stop finding the right man because I have found one for us.


you in 24 years old version


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