To forgive yourself,

Promising yourself not to repeat those mistakes is something that itself repeatedly pronounced in every corner of your mind. Somehow, you love to that process. Repetition of mistakes.

Is that beautiful? A beautiful pleasure or a guilty pleasure? Tell me how it feels.

Sure, you are sinner. In the way you did sin, sure.

Well, sun rises and sets. So do you, you awake and sleep. Same routine that has brought you into something boring. Yes, sin makes you feel more alive doesn’t it? Sure, you are sinner.

Don’t ever tell me what’s wrong and right! You shouted to the saints. Really? Yes. I am sinner and I know how to behave, you said.

Yet, despite in your heart that is something that you want to do again and again. Because you were born as a sinner. Oh, come on! You don’t scratch anyone. You risk yours. About losing something, someone, everything, or even everyone. You know you are taking high. And you know how hurts it could be if you are falling down and perhaps burning into pieces. Yet you enjoy the pleasure. Wooh, how lovely.

You are sinner. Simple. You sin. You are a sin.

A sinner who tries to forgive itself.

A sin that avoids to make a birth of a new sinner.

So tempting you think you are. But not. You are not that tempting.

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