What is the man of dreams: a rich, handsome, kind, and flawless one? Perhaps, those are what so-now-women want today. Even though we had agreed it was there but actually it is not there. I have no idea, tho. I was just guessing from stories my besties told me. Mine? Well, it is not so hard knowing what man I want. You.

Maybe this time you are still hanging around in the future, yet I was walking toward you. We still crossed in lines. You are there, I am here. We live (together). We are trying to make our destiny passed in a timely right. Ain’t we? Still not enough? We choose to stand alone until our feeling comes and we simply say “finally …” when the first day we will meet.

Waiting for that day was quite tiring. As if I want to skip this time tunnel to get a little peek mood seeing what are you doing. But, really I know it won’t happen. Sure, I could be more patient anyway. Believe me!

Whatever you are doing now, someday when we are together, it will be your past. So, never mind if you play your a-little-taste of life. Me? Well, should I also? Sure, I should.

Chill out, dear you! You will meet with my older version of now. Likewise I will meet more mature and wiser version of you. Of course because you have learned with people who are currently your side, her in particular. Unfortunately, she will not be with you in the future. Since I am running into a future where we will meet.

Sorry if it is too cruel, but whoever she is and whatever have you done and created all those wonderful memories with her, it will be your past. I let you re-remember those things if you want, but sure you won’t notice that you already forget that after time we will be spending together. Thank me later, dear you.

Lastly, please prepare your self to meet me! Before you finally say how lucky you are to have met me, you will barely remember about having another ones in your past. Trust me! I’ll come running to you now. See ya very soon, dear you!


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