Be Beautiful!

Dear you girl who loves to being loved by dressing up too much,

Obviously there is nothing wrong with ‘dress up’ stuff. I mean everybody wants to be gorgeous, looks so pretty, or being admired. Yet, today it is going to be ‘too much’. Okay, you may say all is your passion: food, fashion, and fun. Waking up in the morning and thinking hardly what dress should I wear today and post it on my instagram or blog. Really? It is a thing!

I am not a sarcastic one who sounds so envious. No. I am not. I could dress very well than you if I want. Yet, we have different level of ‘well-dressed’ phrase, dear. I don’t like my scarf like I had a Hollywood alien big head. Nor my dress that is so chic, girly, edgy, or you name it. I don’t do that thing, means I don’t do yours. So, don’t compare!

This is my question: instead of spending your money (okay, those are yours) why don’t you donate or make something useful for the have not? Or, how could you so easily show off your possession, your style, your stuff, and so on while you know you already made people feel envy, jealous, and other bad things? Don’t you ever think that you inspire them to be like you in the way spending money for the giant industry we call ‘fashion’ and obviously you and your followers only are the victims?

Open your eyes, my dear beautiful!

Without those fancy clothes, branded watch, shiny shoes, or trendy bag, you can be beautiful. Have you ever think what happen if you are not wearing those? Have you ever reflect what happen if you lose all those? Will there any people stay loving the way you are? I couldn’t imagine you are being loved by the things you had, the dress you wore, and the way you attract the attention. Those are just things. Your personality is even better than that. I believe so.

Sounds like I’m so hypocrite. Perhaps. I am a girl who loved bags, shoes, jeans, clutch, purse, and others girl thingy. I love that. Yet, I think there is no need to show it off by the random ‘share and inspire’ motive. I bury my willingness to buy this and that I don’t really need. Because I always know how it does it feel having nothing. I know that, dear. I know what is going round and round in your head.

Spread the love you said? You are spread competitiveness of being ‘beautiful’. You create a stereotype of what beautiful is. You make yourself as the very good model of that stereotype. Above all, you don’t realize and you proud of it. You may see my writing is like an envy girl trying to cut you off from your orbit. Once again, I am not.

Please look at into the mirror, see who is that beautiful girl without any make up, with a simple hijab and dress, with a frown or a smile face, and with a thought that ‘should I see others?’. We already live in the selfish environment that we unconsciously become less friendly for others? Girls, I know that we are racing each other to prove who’s more popular, who has a handsome rich boyfriend, or another races that obviously so childish that we just don’t really realize we already in. Please give these words a moment to be thought!


A girl like you who thinks that we should be ‘beautiful’ in some other ways.


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