I was thinking to step back when your smile filled up my brain. You know what, I’ve been busy altering my life, my future. And, simply you asked me to place you on top of my list. You asked me to make you my only one because you did the same way towards me. How dare you! Don’t you know that you already asked my only thing: my life.

Yet apparently, I did. I said a yes for it.

To bind our life together.

To be on the same road having each other.

And to abnegate our ego, okay my leviathan ego, in every possible way for one thing: a happiness.

Our path is crossing in a hallway where we shall consider as a coincidence. Anyway, I believe that there is no coincidence here and after. Thus, I see you as the way you see me. I have to admit you are so heartless dealing with my complexion making you an ace. Well, you’ve got my frailty and dealt with it victoriously. Nobody before you could step in this far.

And then you?

Why me? Why must me?

I can’t really ask. In return, I don’t have the answer.

But in the end, who need the answer of this whys? I won’t say it twice that I am really glad to have you having me like this. So, beware that our next level may be harder!

PS. I know that you love me. A lot.



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