Spouse Visa of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hello there!

Last month was so hectic. It’s a good thing to know that I am now able to get together with my husband in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Well, I’ve got the visa. I was applying the visa from Indonesia and it’s not a fast process thou. I’ve been waiting for almost two months. Have to admit that that country is quite strict for visa issuing. In this post, I’d like to share on how to get spouse visa for KSA.

My husband is a student in KAUST. Since, he was graduated from Turkish university, he had to maintain stamps from KSA Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education in Turkey on his diploma. To get that, he had to get back to Turkey as well. Yet, he didn’t. His master diploma was refused since he didn’t have those stamps. As he got admitted in KAUST with his bachelor diploma, in which he already got those two requirement stamps, he was allowed to use its making an application for a calling visa. This calling visa is highly required for me to get an actual visa on my passport. Actually, this process took almost two months.

What do you need is to provide:

  1. A calling visa
  2. A passport with expire date no less than six months on the date you apply the visa
  3. A copy of your sponsor’s (spouse) residence permit
  4. A copy of certificate of marriage
  5. A certified translation of certificate of marriage, a translation issued in KSA will be rejected and you should provide a translation made in the country where you are applying the visa
  6. A medical check up result

After obtaining all of these requirements, I went to the visa agency and paid around SAR 2,660 or IDR 9,500,000. For the medical check up, I spent around SAR 364 or IDR 1,300,000 in an appointed private medical centre named Salamat Medical Centre in South Jakarta. It was Tuesday afternoon I applied and my visa was done by Thursday afternoon. I get a single entry for 90 days stay. It’s a plenty of time to apply for a residence permit here.

The agency was good and fast. The problem was in the initial process in KSA in issuing a calling visa. After getting this, you would be having no problem anymore. Except, if you have an issue in your medical result.

I hope this information is helpful enough. Just drop me an email for another questions that perhaps I could answer regarding this post. (:


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