Education and Behavior

Education is important. For everyone with no exception.

What, where, and how you will get education is the question that should remain in ourselves. None of us, women and men, wants to be left behind because our lack of education. The thing is, what makes you being educated?

Sorry if my question is quite sarcastic. I was just amazed with how the education could put an extra label on someone. Like, oh that woman is high-educated. Or, oh that woman is a good catch (because she holds a good education level). Well, it is more than that.

The education is not only about the label that you’ve had. Being able to understand the life meaning is one of education is for. I don’t try to sound more philosophically here, I just try to seek the reason why does a person really glory herself because she is ‘high-educated’. This notion bothers me lately.

Okay, let’s start with number. In Indonesia, according to the latest census by national statistical institute (2010), only a slight differences between male and female in obtaining a higher degree in urban area (11.20% male and 10.24 female) and in rural area (2.95% male and 2.9% female). See? Despite the low number compared to Indonesia’s whole population, there is no lagging behind anymore. Or at least women are running fast creating a way for their own in education level.

So, forget the number! I don’t really like the number thou.

Back to the first question, what makes you being educated? A degree you’ve obtained by the class you attended and grades you got? Or by your attitude?

Education is much related with attitude, as far as I believe. A well-educated person could perform a good behavior according to time and place she is in regards with her quality. Apparently, it doesn’t seem so smooth this far. I mean, I’ve seen a bunch of ‘self-proclaimed high-educated’ people don’t behave like what their education require. But yes, forgive me if I’m wrong that in-class education is not eligible to determine a behavior of a person. Yes, I believe that too anyway.

Perhaps I’ve been running around in this post, you may get confused by now.

I just don’t understand why there is a very proud person when she has a higher level of education compared to other people. Still don’t get it?

I point this out to those people out there with a very good education level and ‘less-good’ behavior. It is good that you have the chance to enjoy your education with ups and downs when not everyone has. It is not a sin that you play the ‘innocent’ role who needs people to recognize your ‘achievement’ as a nice high-educated person. The thing is, why do you do it?

A well-educated person will see herself as a person who always need to dig more. Not seeking for an accomplishment. Being a small-minded person while having a very good educational background seems like a deterioration for that person, right? Please, when you already have a degree or two, why don’t make yourself a classy person by not driving yourself down with your ‘unintelligent’ behavior? Don’t you realize that, out there, there are a lot of people who hold more than you have but they behave very decent and modest?

I believe that modesty will set your class and within your good degree you will be become classy. Seeking for an accomplishment, somewhat sometime, is something that in reverse will make people see you as an immature-thought type of person. You think that what are you doing will award you a class, but it’s the opposite. Instead of giving an accomplishment, people will examine you with a question: is this how a well-educated person should behave?

Well, I would like to quote the famous Frank Ocean’s words:

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noisy.”


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