9 Thought-Provoking Prompts for Journaling

Journaling has been a part of my life since I was a kid when I know how to store my feeling on papers. It’s been there. A sense of relieve when I end my writing and close my journal. It helps me traveling to my past self, how did I live my life, how were my surroundings, how silly I was, and many other hows. I didn’t realize that I’ve been recording my life until some times. It was started when I get a school task to write a month of full daily activities during my holiday. I forget in which grade I was, but I still remember the joy when I write on a flowery page of a mini journal my mother bought me. It’s just addictive. I didn’t know that it helps me release a heaviness in my chest, that it’s a therapy.

It’s been a while since I’m thinking many of these thought-provoking prompts. I’ve been starting journaling since years ago, but I don’t store them here on my page. However, here is some of my thought-provoking prompts that may help you shape yours. This list has helped me in identifying new perspective seeing my (adult) life from time to time. You would find it surprising when you finally reach the end of your writing and reread it. If you already have or store your journals from years ago, you could compare whether your writing style has changed or not; or the most important thing is the way you see the life itself. Is there anything changed from yourself and your surroundings? Have you been there, precisely in a spot that you imagined 5-10 years ago?

Here you go:

  1. Write down your insecurities and anxiety. Why do I start from this? It is because our insecurities tend to stop us from doing anything we want. Or it’s direct us far away from the ‘right’ things and people. It is okay to be insecure, but we have to own them. List them, define them, and focus on one or two that specific to you and explain why. What makes them a trait to you? Have you fed anyone else into this trait? Affirm this through some words and take control of it.
  2. Give yourself 5-10 minutes ‘me time’ and think about one or two moments that special for you, that means to you. This could be a moment when you changed drastically into a worse or better version of yourself. How has this moment changed you? How is the impact on you? Also, don’t forget to include the big lesson learned.
  3. Think about your relationships with your family and friends. How do they mean to you? How is your idea of family and friendships align with your current relationships with them? Is there any clash with society’s norm?
  4. Make a list of any 30 little things that make you happy. For example, the smell of book pages, the feeling when you bury your hand into a sack of mung beans, or the view of morning sunlight. Realizing how small things could make you happy will make you grateful for the big things you’ve achieved or already had.
  5. Make a list of things that you want to do. Make a plan, whether its costly or not. It could be your escape plan, mini holiday plan, weekend getaway, learning a new language, or anything but your daily (boring) activities. Get out and do something different.
  6. Ask yourself this question: what does sadness mean to you, and how do you deal with it?
  7. Another question to ask: do you think that happiness and fulfillment are just the same?
  8. Write a letter to your future self. Describe who and how are you right now, tell her everything you want her to know, or remind her anything she should remember.
  9. Describe your current life. Do you feel you’re on the right track? Have you sacrificed things or people to get in here? Is there any regret? Do you want to change something onwards?

Good luck!


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