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I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.
― Anne Frank

this is the new domain, the older one ( has been deleted for some reasons. thanks for finding this new one. :*

please leave your comments below my posts, I’d like to know how well-written or bad-written they are. thanks  a bunch,

and wishing you a nice day!


with love 


  1. Ehm.. Halo2 Dee Chan!

    Wets.. kerennya header blog-mu. Kayak saya kenal itu designer-nya. hehehe ^_^ just kidding

    Nice blog. Keep writing n share your experience to the world. ^_^


    1. oh ya kak, lama nda blog-walking nih. hehehe. sip dah, nanti saya link ke alamat baru ta.
      wah kak, bahasa Turki ribet. ini saja saya baru belajar dikit banget. tapi insha Allah, eh salam sama dede. cantiknya mi selalu muncul di timeline ku. hehehe


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