Education and Behavior

Education is important. For everyone with no exception. What, where, and how you will get education is the question that should remain in ourselves. None of us, women and men, wants to be left behind because our lack of education. The thing is, what makes you being educated? Sorry if my question is quite sarcastic.… Continue reading Education and Behavior


[Part 3]

Hold on. It’s too soon. I would never forgive myself if I don’t push you back. So, I choose to live with the regret of letting you spitting your apology. “I was insane. I don’t know what to do. She took all my life in a second. That I should’ve told you from the very… Continue reading [Part 3]

Hati dan Logika ala Perempuan (Seakan) Realistis

Saya menulis tulisan ini sebenarnya rada gimana gitu. Well, maunya sih keep silent tapi gatal pengen komen soal si perempuan yang mengklaim dirinya realistis dalam menata dan memilah milih masa depannya. Iya, Selmadena Aqilla. Perempuan yang memilih realistis menerima pinangan Haqy Rais yang saat itu memiliki seorang pacar. Pasti kalian sudah membaca kisah ini. Pendapat… Continue reading Hati dan Logika ala Perempuan (Seakan) Realistis